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Thursday April 12, 2018

Healthy Habits –  Simple Ways to Feel Fuller AND Lose weight

Part 1: Remove Distractions and Eat Slower

I used to be one of the BIGGEST multi-taskers. I always felt like there was not enough time in the day and trying to do multiple thing at once! The worst one was while I was eating. Often, I would make my plate of food, grab my phone to log all my food, and then while scarfing down my plate: I would scroll through IG, answer emails, put my favorite show on, or read an article. Before I knew it, my plate was empty, my show was over and I didn’t really “remember” eating. I was mindlessly taking bites of food while my mind was somewhere else!


Being distracted while eating often caused me to eat too fast and too much! Both leaving me to feel very uncomfortable!

After doing some research I found these tips helpful:

  • Turn off all the electronics and remove yourself from in front of your computer. Put away your phone, turn off the TV and sit with your food. Focus on the task of eating.
  • CHEW your food – chewing your food will not only slow down your eating and allow you to feel full, but it will also help with digestion and help with nutrient absorption!

Start with a number between 10-15 bites!

  • Take smaller bites, smaller bites will lead to more bites, more time!
  • Put your fork down and have a drink of water in between bites. Putting your fork down will break up the constant shoveling of food.
  • Set a timer or pace yourself with the slowest eater at the table.


Slowing down while you are eating and being present with your food will allow your brain to accept that you are eating! Feeling ‘full’ can take up to 20 minutes! It takes time for the eating signals to be sent to our brain and stomach, and then more time for our hormones to get on the same page. If we don’t give our body enough time to catch up – we can EASILY over eat!


Big take away – Be PRESENT with your food and SLOW DOWN! It will give you a chance to notice your fullness cues and you will automatically eat less – which will eventually help you lose weight!

Give one of these a try! It is easier said than done. Focus on trying ONE of the above tasks with ONE of your meals!


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The Essentials Of Sport and Exercise Nutrition – PN Textbook.

**Written by Jessica Beristianos.