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Interval Weight Training v2

Monday July 27, 2020


Push press
Heavy triple in 15 minutes


‘Interval Weight Training V2’

4 rounds of
2:30 on/ 2 minutes off
10 Push press @80% of heavy triple
Max effort bike for calories I.R.T.


Home WOD

30 Dumbbell push press (alternating arms every 5 reps)
400 Meter run


Weekly Overview 

We start the week off with the push press version of our interval weight training.  Tuesday will be squat cleans, ring dips and kettlebell swings.  Wednesday will have some hang snatches and lunges.  Thursday we’ll do some biking and rowing intervals.  Friday we have a mash up of two short workouts with a rest in between, the first one has wall balls and toes to bar and second one is front squats and pull ups.  Saturday will have some running, farmers carries, box jumps and sit ups.