Mar- Member of the Month


Saturday March 11, 2017

March – Member of the Month

Get to know your March Member of the Month- Ryan Gilbert! Our MOM feature is to help you get to know members you might not otherwise have the chance to meet.
You can’t miss the hustle that Ryan brings with him every time he steps into CFL. He works hard at everything he does, from his bar muscle ups to every time he lifts a bar. Ryan rarely shy’s away from trying his absolute best. You usually see him in the evenings, as he and his long time girlfriend Lily come after work, which is just around the corner. We’re lucky they come to CFL as often as they do, because the two have quite an awesome Rogue set up in the backyard of their house! Ryan is always willing to help out, drink a beer, and cheer for a friend. We love having you at CFL Ryan, keep up the good work!


When did you start crossFit?: February 2014

What class do you frequent?: 5:30PM

Favorite music to workout to?: Gangster Rap, Death Metal, and EDM

Actor who would play you in a movie?: Ryan Gosling

A genie grants you one wish, what is it?: That I will become CFL member of the month, every month, forever

What’s your favorite midnight snack?: Spicy Beef Jerky and Almond Perfect Bars

What are your interests outside of the gym?: Guns, Computers, Music, Photography, and Backpacking

Favorite movie?: Pulp Fiction

Favorite cheat meal?: Carne Asada Taco Plate

Where would we find you on a Saturday night?: At home buying stuff I don’t need on Amazon

Ideal crossfit workout?: Handstand Pushups and Bar Muscle Ups

Least ideal crossFit workout?: Thrusters and Heavy Deadlifts

What CFL means to you?: CFL is a place where I can get in the best shape possible and have fun doing it