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Pull and Push

Monday October 7, 2019


Bench Press
Work to a moderately heavy set of 5

‘Pull and Push’

5 rounds of
2 minutes on/ 2 minutes off
200/150 Meter row
8 Bench press 135/95
Max effort strict pull ups IRT

Week overview

Monday we introduce bench press for the first time at CFL. Tuesday will be some light hang cleans and thrusters paired with everyones favorite the burpee box jumps. Wednesday we have deadlifts, ring dips and some running. ¬†Thursdays cardio we’ll be doing shorter time domain intervals. This is the first week of the CrossFit Open so since I do not know what the workout will be I can’t program Fridays workout until I know Saturdays Open workout. Saturday will be Open workout 20.1.