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Taco Tuesday Recipe

Monday May 4, 2020


Looking to change up your Taco Tuesday or need an easy meal to feed the whole family??

Try out the this Turkey Taco Lasagna! I made it Sunday night and was able to have enough left over to feed me lunch for the rest of the week. It was so good and tasted just like a taco!

I purchased all the ingredients from Trader Joes but you can easily find all of the same stuff at any one of your favorite grocery stores!

Ingredients needed:

10 oz Ground Turkey (You can use 99/1 or 93/7)

Taco Seasoning 

6 Corn Tortillas 

3/4 cup of Fat Free Black Beans (Refried

1/2 cup of Salsa

3/4 cup Lite Mexican Cheese

1 cup of Bell Peppers (Red/Yellow)

1/4 Onion

Above is the amount of each ingredient that I used but you can easily double the recipe or use more or less of one ingredient.

Step 1: Place the ground turkey in pan with the taco seasoning and cook until it is done. Then set it aside.

Step 2: Chop up peppers/onions and sauté them in a separate pan then combine with the cooked turkey.

Step 3: I used 6 Corn tortillas but you can use more if you are making a larger amount. Using an 8×8 pan, spray the bottom of the pan so it doesn’t stick and then lay the HALF of the tortillas on the bottom. I used three. I cut them in half so they fit better.

Step 4: Take your Fat Free Refried Beans (only HALF, you will use the other half later) and spread on top of the layer of corn tortillas. 

Step 5: Take HALF the ground turkey/pepper mixture and spread on top of the black beans

Step 6: Spread some salsa throughout the mixture. Mild to medium salsa would be great depending on your tolerance to spicy foods!

Step 7: Add HALF of the cheese the top of turkey mixture

Step 8: Repeat steps 3-8! Put another layer of tortillas on top of the cheese, spread the other half of the black beans, add the rest of the your ground turkey mixture, more salsa, and the the rest of the cheese!

Step 9: Place in the oven for 25-30minutes at 350. Or until the cheese is all melted.

Step 10: Feel free to add guacamole, avocado, sour cream, or even sub some fat free greek yogurt! I enjoyed it will some avocado, sour cream, and cabbage!

This recipe was inspired by No Excuse Nutrition!