Time Bomb

Monday September 28, 2020

*This Saturday we will be closed for our first Coaches Prep Meeting. Anyone (no L1 or certification is required to attend) who would like to come down and learn more about coaching or get your movement correct in detail is welcome to learn and practice along side the CFL coaches from 9:30-11am.* 

‘Time Bomb’

For time (14 cap)
20 Toes to bar
40 Front squat 75/55
60 Double unders 
800 Meter run
60 Double unders 
40 Front squats 75/55
20 Toes to bar


Home WOD

20 V- ups
40 Squats
60 Jump rope
800 Meter run


Weekly Overview

MON: Chipper
TUES: Row + Push jerk
WED: Power clean + Thruster
THURS: Run + Plank + bike
FRI: Bar muscle ups + Burpees + Power snatch
SAT: Closed for Coaches Prep Meeting