Upcoming Events

Thursday September 26, 2019

The 2020 CrossFit Open starts in just over 2 weeks. We’re just as *delighted* as you that it’s back so soon! From now on the Open will be in October, as the start of the new Games Season. IN THE OPEN
We will be hosting the Open workout every SATURDAY morning, starting on October 12. SATURDAY “GAMEDAY” will be an awesome time to throwdown, have a judge, and get some fitness in with DJ Rick pumping us up.
SATURDAY October 12- First workout, 20.1
SATURDAY October 19- 20.2
SATURDAY November 2- 20.4
SATURDAY November 9- Last workout 20.5, mimosas, beers, and brunch to follow!
**Two weeks after, on SATURDAY November 23 (in the evening) will have our annual CFL Holiday Party!
New: CROSSFIT KIDS will take place at 10am on Saturdays during the month of October. CF Kids post to follow- ages 7-12.
Set your Saturdays aside for CFL, this will be a fun time.
Go register at Games.CrossFit.Com.