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Tuesday May 22, 2018

Summer time workouts on the go!

Summer Time and the living is EASY Summer is around the corner and I can already smell all the sunscreen and barbeques!  School is almost out and vacations are planned! We are all so ready for some much need relaxation time.  A common questions or concern around the gym lately is: How am I going to get my workout in while on vacation? Well, first things first – you are not required to workout while on vacation. At the end

Monday May 21, 2018

May – Member Of the Month

May - Member Of the Month Congratulations to Randy Thorson, our May MOM! We have enjoyed having Randy for 2 years this month!  Randy was first brought to CFL with Coach Vince during their lunch breaks, and has stuck with us and even invited his wife Salome to join CFL. Here are Randy's interview questions below: When did you start CrossFit?  May 2016. What class do you frequent?  Tuesday and Friday 12:05 classes. When is your birthday?   July 7th. What song would

Monday April 23, 2018

April’s – Not so member of the month

April's - Not so member of the month April is going by too fast and we didn’t want to short a member of the MOM experience! So, this month we are highlighting one of our favorite coaches- Matt! We gave Matt the regular list of questions to answer. Lets see what he has to say about that...When did you start CrossFit?Backyard? 2011, Hardcore? 2012. What class do you frequent?All of them. When is your birthday?November 24.If you could be a celebrity for

Thursday April 12, 2018

Fuller Longer

Healthy Habits –  Simple Ways to Feel Fuller AND Lose weight Part 1: Remove Distractions and Eat Slower I used to be one of the BIGGEST multi-taskers. I always felt like there was not enough time in the day and trying to do multiple thing at once! The worst one was while I was eating. Often, I would make my plate of food, grab my phone to log all my food, and then while scarfing down my plate: I would

Tuesday March 20, 2018

March – Member of the Month

March - Member of the Month Meet our March Member of the Month- Gina! She has been with us for many years, but hides out in the 5:30am class! Her husband Tony jokes around in our morning classes sometimes, but they are a great family and have been CFL supporters that we love and appreciate. Gina is a realtor here in Livermore. She is kind, outgoing, and religiously shows up in those cold morning hours! When did you start CrossFit? 2012

Friday February 9, 2018

February – Member of the Month

February - Member of the Month February Member of the Month is Austin Eckart! Austin has been with us for quite some time. He is consistently always getting better at CrossFit, and a guy our coaches loves to have in class. He is attentive, supportive and friendly to be around. He has recently been helping his wife remodel her new hair salon, but when he has time he loves throwing down with the boys. He always offers his help and