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Tuesday October 9, 2018

October Member Of the Month

October’s - Member of the Month Congratulations to October’s Member of the Month- JACKIE COTA! We love Jackie’s energy for life and the positivity she brings with her to every class. She was a huge winner in the 2018 “Make Your Body Great Again” Nutrition challenge, and has continued to impress us ever since. She is usually smiling and brings optimism to every workout (she doesn’t even grumble about running as much anymore!). She is easy to coach and is

Wednesday September 19, 2018

PR-OATS – Overnight Protein Oats

PR-OATS – Overnight Protein Oats Looking for a quick breakfast in the morning?  Trying to add MORE protein in your day? Try making PROTEIN OATS – or as I like to call them “PR-OATS”. Super easy to make them in the morning before you leave for the day. Too busy in the morning? Make it at night and leave it in the fridge overnight. The real magic is in how you choose to ‘TOP’ them. My personal favorite – “Peanut

Monday September 10, 2018

September – Member Of the Month

September - Member Of the Month Congratulations to our September Member of the Month- Mark Garcia! You may have seen Mark with his adorable wife Brianna, usually in the evening classes. Mark has been with us since his wife dragged him in and we are so thankful for that! He is very attentive in class and always lends a smile. He is strong, works hard when he's in the gym, and ALWAYS gives high fives to those around him. He

Tuesday August 28, 2018

Taco Tuesday Recipe

RECIPE: TACO TURKEY LASAGNA Looking to change up your Taco Tuesday or need an easy meal to feed the whole family?? Try out the this Turkey Taco Lasagna! I made it Sunday night and was able to have enough left over to feed me lunch for the rest of the week. It was so good and tasted just like a taco! I purchased all the ingredients from Trader Joes but you can easily find all of the same stuff at

Wednesday August 22, 2018

Pregnancy and CrossFit || A Practical Guide To Scaling

Below is an article written by Nicole Christensen: Pregnancy- A practical guide to scaling. Published by CrossFit Inc. CrossFit has the proven ability to deliver world-class fitness to all—including women who are pregnant. As coaches, it is our responsibility to bring the workout to life for every athlete who comes to our classes, and this is done by scaling the workout. CrossFit has provided a number of great resources on the art and science of scaling. From the newly released

Sunday August 12, 2018

August – Member Of the Month

August, Member Of the Month - Erik Ekstrom Our August Member of the Month is Erik Ekstrom! We have been so lucky to have Erik as a long time member. When done with his high school teaching job, he is down to kill almost any workout (especially when it comes to anything body weight or endurance based). He may seem quiet yet he is so funny when you get to know him. Erik is genuine, respectful and incredibly kind hearted. We said it before,